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This is where your childs true cricketing journey starts as they move onto using incrediballs and playing other clubs within CMCA!

Format:  Your child will play a modified 16 over format.

Playing Ages: Players should be in Year 3 or 4 at school as of 1st of September of the current season.  All children younger will require assessment from our Junior Club Captain to ensure they are ready to play at this level.

Teams: 8 player teams.

Times: Training times will be sorted by your coach after muster and before season starts. Contact your coach or the Junior Club Captain for more information.
Game times are on Friday nights at 5:30pm and run until approximately 7:30pm.

Gear: All gear is provided for this age group. Players may bring their own gear but it is recommended that they put their name and phone number on all items.

Clothing: To participate on game days players will be required to wear closed in shoes, a sunhat and white pants.

Rules: All players are expected to follow CMCA's Code of ConductJunior Grade General Rules and Year 3/4 Rules. Parents should be present if possible on game days to encourage players and help coaches.

Coaching: The club is reliant on volunteers for coaching these grades. The coach will be responsible for team practices, looking after the gear bag and helping set up on game days. Your help is always appreciated, if you would like to volunteer for these sessions please contact the Junior Club Captain. We have plenty of resources if you're new to coaching and are happy to help with all enquiries.

Coaches are required to go through a police vetting system by NZC. Contact us or visit the CMCA website for more information

Cancellations: Cancellations will be announced by your coach or on our Facebook page.

For any further enquiries please contact the Junior Club Captain or our Facebook Page.